Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Wife, Mother, Murderer True Story

Wife, Mother, Murderer is based on the case of Marie Hilley (Marie Hillie) of Anniston, Alabama. You can find out even more information about this case in the book Poisoned Blood by Philip Ginsburg. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Timeline in the Audrey Marie Hilley Case

Here is a brief timeline in the case of Audrey Marie Hilley

May 19, 1975: Frank Hilley presents with nausea and pain in his stomach area. After entering the hospital he passes away on May 25, 1975. The cause of death at the time is listed as hepatitis. Audrey Marie Hilley then collects over $30,000 in life insurance. She spends the insurance money rapidly.

July 1978: Marie Hilley takes out an insurance policy on her daughter Carol Hilley in the amount of $25,000. Carol’s daughter is just a teen at the time.

1979: Carol Hilley suffers from numbness, nausea, and severe stomach pains. Her health declines over the next several months. Her mother continues to give her injections. She tells Carol not to tell anyone. Finally at the UAB Hospital in Birmingham, a doctor named Dr. Brian Thompson states that Carol Hilley tested positive for arsenic poisoning. After treatment she eventually begins to recuperate. During this time Marie Hilley is arrested for writing bad checks, and she is incarcerated for about 8 weeks. While she is incarcerated the police start to gather evidence against Marie Hilley. Her husband Frank Hilley’s body is exhumed and tested for arsenic poisoning. The results come back positive.

November 1979: Marie Hilley is released on bond. She then disappears from a Birmingham hotel, and begins living under an assumed identity. Eventually she starts living under the assumed named Robbi.

1980 She is indicted in absentia.

1981: She marries a man named John Homan

1982: John Homan is madly in love with Robbi. Robbi suddenly disappears again, and John hears nothing until a woman claiming to be Robbi’s twin sister calls to let him know that Robbi passed away. Robbi and Teri are one in the same. Teri pays John a visit. He believes her story.  The two become romantically involved and start living together. After seeing an obituary for Robbi Homan, the police become suspicious.

January 14 1983: The police capture Audrey Marie Hilley. By now she has completely changed her appearance. She is a slim blonde woman. She is arrested for unlawful flight, extradited, and quickly convicted for the murder of her husband and attempted murder of her daughter Carol. She is sentenced to life plus 20 years. While incarcerated she admits to another inmate that she poisoned her husband and daughter.

June 8, 1983: Marie Hilley is convicted. She spends her time in prison quietly and is considered a model prisoner.

February 1987: While on a one day pass for good behavior, Hilley escapes.She spends 4 days in the freezing rain in a wooded area. .The police respond to a suspicious person call. Marie Hilley is found freezing, numb, and suffering from hypothermia. She later dies at the local hospital from a heart attack.

October 1989: John Homan is killed in a motel in Anniston, Alabama. He was trying to break up a fight between to males at the time.

1991: The movie Wife, Mother, Murderer comes to tv.


Mike is a minister. Carol is living with her mate (the last we heard)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Where is Carol Hilley Now

This evening I will see if I can make contact with Carol Hilley, Audrey Marie Hilley's daughter. many have asked over the years if she still lives in Anniston, and if she ever married. It does not appear that she is legally married. The last that I heard she was living with her partner, but that was over 10 years ago. I have seen what looks like a recent picture of Carol Hilley. She would be around 51 now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Other Poisoning Cases, Killed by Poison (true stories)

For further reading, here are some other cases of family members killed by poison. These cases have nothing to do with the Marie Hilley Story nor the movie that is based on her life.

Arkansas 1992 Sibling Kills Sister by Poison

In 1992, Georgia Weaver and her sister Jennie Lee Allen had been arguing over an inheritance that their mother had left them. They went for years not speaking to one another. Jeannie (unsure which sister)  wanted to make amends with her sister. The two sisters reconciled, and Georgia began living with her sister Jennie Lee Allen aka Jeannie Allen in order  to help her out. Shortly after Georgia started staying with her sister Jeannie became suddenly ill. Georgia drover her to the hospital. The doctors had know idea what was causing her illness at first.  Eventually arsenic was discovered in her system. When police spoke to family members, Jeannie's son told the police that his mother was being poisoned by his aunt Georgia Weaver. Police were apprehensive. Jennie Lee Allen finally died a few laters from the arsenic poisoning. The police spoke to Georgia, and she stated that Jeannie's death was no accident. Neighbors who were questioned said that when Georgia moved into the home she would not let anyone see Jeannie. Jeannie was also rarely seen leaving the house. Georgia took car of all of her business. After her death, police discovered that she wiped out Genie's accounts and safe deposit box. The investigation also uncovered that Jennie Lee Allen's signature had been forged. Georgia was arrested at her job for the theft and the forgery charge. A short time later rat poison was found hidden behind her purse by an employee at the motel where Georgia last worked. The rat poison was turned over to police and then sent to the police lab for testing. Items recovered from Jeannie's home came back positive for arsenic. Arsenic was found in her punch and other foods recovered from the home. Georgia Louise Weaver was arrested and convicted of capital murder. She was sentenced to life plus thirty years in prison.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Black Widow Cases (read about other women who kill their husbands)

Here is a few more Black widow cases for further reading and research.

Josephine Virginia Gray aka Josephine Gray
Josephine Gray was an African American Black widow. She seduced her lovers and her husbands first,  and then killed them when she was done with them. She was known as a beautiful vixen who wore tight skirts, heavy make up, and big hair. She often mixed potions, and used voodoo as a means to keep her witnesses quiet. Her murders go all the way back to 1974...that we know of. Friends and family were scared to death of her. Deadly Women has done a segment on Josephine Gray.